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Knitting Progress Update 07.05.2017

Last night, I finally finished these fingerless gloves I’ve been putting off for ages and… I accidentally made one of them too long. This is what happens when you don’t count rows, folks.

(It’s actually because I waited way too long to make the second glove after I made the first one. Like, weeks too long.)

That being said, they did come out very pretty and soft, and I have plenty of yarn left in the skein (details on the yarn in my last post). I will most likely make two more gloves, one of each length, but I’m going to work on my other projects before finishing that up.

I finished up these gloves while at my dad’s polo game during the day yesterday, and later at a Fourth of July celebration with fireworks in the evening. I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing my knitting with me to work, cafes, and social events. It helps me to not bite my nails or snack on junk food too much, as well as just being something productive to keep me busy.

Below are some pictures of the fireworks last night!

Bonus: a picture of my trusty knitting bag sitting on my passenger seat during work. It pretty much comes with me now every time I go somewhere in my car.


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