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The Great Northern Yarn Haul

This will be my first year participating in an event taking place across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. This year, 23 yarn shops are participating in the tour. The event kicks off this evening and I will be stopping by Yarn in Montpelier to pick up my brochure (and hopefully tote bag as well).

More information can be found at this facebook page and this blog post.

This post will be featured at the top of my blog and I will be updating it reguarly with each shop I visit on the tour and (hopefully) photographs and details about each one!

I’m super excited to participate as I have only visited a few of the shops in the state and I know there are quite a few of them. Let me know in the comments if you have participated in the tour before or if you are participating this year!

Update 07/13/2017

I haven’t had the time to update lately, but I did go to a kickoff party last Friday at Yarn in Montpelier! Here’s a quick look at some of the things I got.

The orange yarn was given to me as a door prize, and the Wonderland Yarn was what I bought to qualify for these lovely canvas bags! 

In my upcoming posts, I’ll be talking about lace knitting, recent purchases, birthday gifts, and custom patterns! Subscribe and stay tuned!