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Project Updates 08.01.17

Hey all! Sorry for my absence, I actually wanted to finish some projects before posting my next update but that hasn’t happened. 

I was working on this scarf using gorgeous cotton yarn from the Great Adirondack Yarn Co., but I had to unravel it because I was making it too wide and I wouldn’t have had enough yarn to complete it. I was thinking of buying more of it, but this particular colorway is out of stock everywhere near me. Sigh!

Next up is the socks I’ve been working on using the Crystal Palace yarns. I have two mismatched socks done, and I’ve started the third one. Here is the second one I just finished last week:

In other news, I did end up scooping up some more Crystal Palace yarns from my LYS, so I’m all stocked up on those for the time being (possibly forever). This picture is very purple but it’s the only one I have at the moment. More to come.

I’ve also been watercolor painting a lot lately, using my new espresso machine, and playing around with makeup art. I also got a new phone stand and will hopefully be making more youtube videos! 

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more projects I’ve been picking away at! 


First Pair of Socks

I’ve never knitted socks before, but I have just started my first pair and I’m pretty excited about it. 

After this, I am planning on knitting some as holiday presents for my family members.  Right now I am using a pattern I got from Must Love Yarn, a great LYS in Shelburne, Vermont. I got it for free during the annual Great Northern Yarn Haul! Check out my ongoing blog post about the yarn haul pinned at the top of my blog. 

I am using a yarn by Crystal Palace Yarns, now sadly discontinued, from their Danube line.

Yarn in Montpelier still has some of the Crystal Palace Yarns in stock, so I’m planning on heading there and scooping some up before they disappear forever. Here’s a bonus look at the ones I currently have that I might grab matches for:

That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for more updates on my other projects!

Layered Hat PROGRESS

Hey guys! I have a lot of progress to report but I haven’t had much time to sit down and write it out, so for now I’ll just talk about this winter hat I’ve been working on. 

I finished the (very simple) lining and next I will move on to the wool outer shell.

I will, however, be putting this hat on hold for a bit as I have some other projects I’m working on. More on that to come!

Stay tuned for more updates on this, as well as hearing about some of the more exciting projects I have planned. Cheers! 

Knitting Progress Update 07.05.2017

Last night, I finally finished these fingerless gloves I’ve been putting off for ages and… I accidentally made one of them too long. This is what happens when you don’t count rows, folks.

(It’s actually because I waited way too long to make the second glove after I made the first one. Like, weeks too long.)

That being said, they did come out very pretty and soft, and I have plenty of yarn left in the skein (details on the yarn in my last post). I will most likely make two more gloves, one of each length, but I’m going to work on my other projects before finishing that up.

I finished up these gloves while at my dad’s polo game during the day yesterday, and later at a Fourth of July celebration with fireworks in the evening. I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing my knitting with me to work, cafes, and social events. It helps me to not bite my nails or snack on junk food too much, as well as just being something productive to keep me busy.

Below are some pictures of the fireworks last night!

Bonus: a picture of my trusty knitting bag sitting on my passenger seat during work. It pretty much comes with me now every time I go somewhere in my car.


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