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Layered Hat PROGRESS

Hey guys! I have a lot of progress to report but I haven’t had much time to sit down and write it out, so for now I’ll just talk about this winter hat I’ve been working on. 

I finished the (very simple) lining and next I will move on to the wool outer shell.

I will, however, be putting this hat on hold for a bit as I have some other projects I’m working on. More on that to come!

Stay tuned for more updates on this, as well as hearing about some of the more exciting projects I have planned. Cheers! 


My Yarn Stash

Hi everyone, this post will include everything in my yarn stash that is not currently in my knitting bag and/or part of a WIP. While I don’t have a huge stash, I do have a bit of a collection that I’m hoping to work my way through over the next two months.

Many of these skeins are small and mainly suited for hats and mittens, and since my family and I only need so many winter accessories, I will post a number of them on Etsy. I also have a number of hats I made years ago that I’m planning on frogging and reworking at some point. More details on these, and other future projects, in my upcoming knitting queue.

Now, on to my collection. I will start with my least favorites and end with the ones I’m saving for something special.

Old, Unknown, Unlabeled Yarns and Scraps

I could probably make a guess at what most of these are, but I haven’t saved the labels for any of them.

Berocco Yarns

The first yarn was made into a hat for my boyfriend (which I may add more onto later).

Miscellaneous Yarns

Yarns that I’ve picked up here and there and don’t have a definitive plan for yet.


Planned Yarns

I’m going to use the yarns below to make a sweater for my boyfriend.


And these yarns are going to be for a lacy cropped sweater for myself:img_4564

Crystal Palace Yarns

I love these skeins, they’re so so soft and perfect for gloves and hats. Sadly, they were discontinued, but there is still some left in stock in my LYS.


Wollelfe Yarns

These gorgeous yarns were given to me as a gift about a year ago. I’m still saving them for something special, maybe a cropped top or shawl. I’m not sure yet.


I do have some other yarns that I didn’t include here, either because I’m using/about to use them for something, or because I just bought them. Those will be included in later posts. Cheers!